Pixodus has been making animation since 2007. We offer media companies animation services for their projects and provide concept, design, compositing and animation for various types of media products.

Design and animation are diverse and versatile skills which we use in a multitude of products. Whether it’s Infographics, Title Design, Packaging Design or Product Films; We will help you bring your production to life.

Finding a concept for your production means finding out how to deliver your client’s message. Together we’ll find this concept.

It often informs us on what the animation will look like. A corporate style may already be place, or a redesign is needed. We'll use design sketches, mood-boards, scripts or visual treatments to show the client what the finished product will look like.

Concept & design are submitted for approval as a ready-to-produce package. Once all parties are confident with the proposed path, we can start the next step in our process.

We’ll start by making all needed elements, like characters, icons, 3D models, camera movements, logos etc., followed by animation. When all shots are finished, and after compositing and editing, we'll add available audio.

When satisfied with the final edit we’ll supply you with the version that will best suit your workflow, be it compressed, uncompressed or with alpha-channels. Incorporate it into your own edit, and deliver the best possible product to your client!